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Online Firearms Purchase

Online firearms purchases for California Residents. All Pistols will need to be on the California Department of Justice approved Firearms Roster. Refer to Link for details- 

If you have any questions regarding if the pistol is located on the roster, please email us at If you are exempt from the roster, please email your proof/credentials to (Will require pictures front and back of LE ID)

If you are not exempt from the roster and we receive an item you cannot register in the state of California we will charge you a 15% restocking fee and a $50.00 return fee for the firearm.

When ordering a rifle, please refer to the California Department of Justice to make sure it is California Legal. Refer to Link:

Please make sure the rifle or shotgun is California Legal before ordering. Please contact your attorney for more details relating to Firearms laws and regulation as we cannot provide any l;egal advice.

All magazines ordered for California Residents must be 10rds or less. If you are exempt, please send your LE credentials to

If you are not exempt and order magazines greater than 10rds, your order will be concelled, refund amount of item and less 15% restocking fee.  (Please do not order unless you are Exempt).

If you are not a California Resident, please follow all laws of your state for firearms purcahses. We will require a valid FFL to ship all firearms. After making a purcahse, please email us a copy of the FFL to If you would like for us to contact the FFL, please email us their information and we will contact them for you.